At the age of 60  I sat in front on my Family Physician wondering how I got to this place of such ill health. I was 5’2” 250 lbs, a diabetic on large doses of insulin, along with high blood pressure and cholesterol medication. X-Rays showing I needed two knee replacements. I couldn’t tie my own shoes or walk without support.  I was a medical mess.  I asked myself, how did I as a Registered Nurse get to this state of health? I had just received the news that I was going to be a first time grandmother and I was terrified  I wouldn’t be alive to experience any of this joy.  I sat there asking my Physician what I should do.  He suggested the program offered at Pratt’s Wellness, as he had other patients that had been very successful with the program.

I came to my initial consultation very leery as I thought it was just “another diet”.  The coach I was assigned was amazing and was by my side the whole way through.  Coaching is such a key aspect to the success of the program.  She was by my side through the good times and the hard times and saw me through to the end.  I lost 130lbs, came off all my diabetic medication along with the blood pressure and cholesterol medications.  I did not have knee surgery and I ran a ½ marathon and continue to run 5 km two to three times a week.  I bike ride, canoe, hike, golf  and most of all I enjoy being active with my granddaughter.  It does my heart well to hear her say “chase me grandma” and I can. 

I am now the Clinical Director at Pratt’s and feel blessed to be able to share my journey and experience with others. It feels good to be an example that anything is possible and it is never too late to change your life around.  We are in control of our own destination not food.  Now at my visits with my Physician we sit quietly in amazement, as we both realize the success of my journey.