Experts on Ideal Protein

Becoming a coach at Pratt’s Wellness starts with personal experience; all our team members have completed the diet. They also achieve Phase 1, 2, and 3 coaching certification through the Ideal Protein training program. As well, our team engages in ongoing education and professional development in all areas of coaching.

Combining Knowledge & Experience

At Pratt’s Wellness we believe in the power of collaboration. We work as a team under the guidance of our clinical director, together our coaching best practices are informed by the combined experiences of each client’s journey. Not only will you get expert advice from your coach, but you will also have the benefit of our whole team supporting you.

Pratt’s Wellness Experts Have Nutrition Experience Outside of Ideal Protein

Ideal Protein offers comprehensive training for the protocol, but the Ideal Protein training is just the beginning. While it provides a great foundation, we at Pratt’s Wellness hire coaches that have advanced education in health and wellness and hold nutrition certifications and licenses that extend beyond Ideal Protein’s training.

A Word From Our Pharmacist & Clinic Practitioner, Chris