Why Choose Pratt’s Wellness

Choosing the Ideal Protein clinic you will work with on your weight loss journey is an important step once you have decided to lose weight. This decision not only determines your potential for success but can also impact how quickly you will lose weight, as well as, how well you will maintain it.

We Specialize In Nutrition

Our clinic specializes in improving health parameters through nutrition and dietary interventions. We believe that the best way to solve food-related problems is with food, just as Hippocrates said: “Let food be thy medicine.” Whether our clients are looking to lose weight for health or aesthetic reasons, our nutritional approach to wellness, one-to-one coaching, and education will set you on a path of sustainable results.

We Work with your Medical Needs and Partner with your Practitioner

We have long supported dieters who have complicated medical histories. Locally we work with many physicians who specifically refer their patients for co-management of their metabolic disease. Even if health concerns involve bp, diabetic, cholesterol, heart, or other medications, we work with your prescriber to safely oversee your weight loss journey. We believe a team approach in caring for your specific needs results in the best health outcomes.

We Customize Maintenance

Losing weight can be difficult, but maintaining is a whole different ball game. Understanding your nutritional needs and engaging in lifestyle habits to achieve your long-term goals is what maintenance is all about.

Whether they be: enjoying your next holiday at the beach, competing in a triathlon, or riding your bike with your grandkids we personalize a plan that will support your aspirations.

Meet Our Team

Sherri Hevenor

Clinical Director, RN

At the age of 60  I sat in front on my Family Physician wondering how I got to this place of such ill health. I…

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Chris Cameron BSc.Pharm, RCSHP

Owner & Pharmacist

As a Pharmacist owning Pratt's Pharmacy Chris strives to provide comfort and care to each and every one of his patients through careful formulation and…

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Leea Hillis


I have been with Pratt’s for over a year now and have my fellow coach and good friend Katrina to thank for pushing me in…

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Kelly Bowditch


Having over 10 years experience in the health and nutrition industry my passion lies in helping clients make changes to their lifestyle to not only…

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