Having over 10 years experience in the health and nutrition industry my passion lies in helping clients make changes to their lifestyle to not only achieve weight loss goals but improve their health overall. I love that at Pratt’s Wellness and Weight Loss the approach we use is founded on the principal of lifestyle changes. My own experience with achieving weight loss and learning to maintain is something I work at consistently.

Looking back at my experience with weight loss I definitely wish I would have known about our program sooner, I am sure I would have reached my goals so much more efficiently! On a daily basis I am energized by our clients’ successes with not only weight loss but also the changes they make in mindset. I love being a part of their journeys and offering encouragement and support, whether that’s by sharing recipes and food prep ideas, or just by being a listening ear. Ultimately the best part of coaching is supporting clients when they transition to the stabilization and maintenance phases, helping clients discover their new favourite whole foods that will help them maintain all the benefits of weight loss.