I truly understand how frustrating and all consuming trying to attain health goals can be when we are doing it on our own. After spending most of my adult life exercising and clean eating I was at a point where I thought I needed to accept that my body was meant to be as it was. I finally understood what was missing in my journey when I learned from Pratt’s Wellness and Weight Loss the science of food on a molecular level. By applying this newly found knowledge and with coaching support I was able to achieve my weight loss and health goals. Not only am I much happier and proud of myself as I manage my weight, I also have the confidence to feed my growing and busy family the very best so they can eat to be healthy and happy!

My greatest joy as a coach comes from being able to relate to clients and the journey they are on, giving them hope that they can attain their healthy outcomes. Having previously worked in healthcare as a Registered Care Aide, I see our clinic as preventative healthcare. We help our clients reduce medications, increase quality of life, and Live Life Possible, so that those later years clients can be their happiest and healthiest selves.